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The Greatest Benefit of Success

By: Ken Austin

When you think of success, do you immediately picture monetary wealth, luxury homes, and fancy cars? 

Do you think of the respect and prestige you’ll receive when you’ve made your mark on the world?  Or perhaps you imagine the sense of pride you’ll feel when you accomplish your objectives?

As great as those benefits can be, they cannot come close to matching the evolution of inner growth and personal mastery you experience along the way.  While success is often viewed as an outer process of setting and achieving goals, it is much more a journey of inner development that changes you on a core level.

If you want to make sure you enjoy the greatest benefit on your journey to success, be sure to keep a strong focus on the following:

1) Continuously expand your vision of what is possible for your life.  A successful person knows that they are capable of much more than they ever thought possible.  While they may start with smaller objectives to get their feet wet, they have an idea that those goals will grow in magnitude as they shift their perception of limitations.

Be sure you’re always thinking about ways to expand your horizons, and be and do more than you previously thought you could.  If you keep your focus on the point just beyond where your known capabilities end, you’ll keep setting your sights just a little bit higher.

2) Stretch beyond your comfort zones at every possible opportunity.  In addition to believing you are capable of more, you should strive to prove it as often as you can.  Don’t just dream big and plan big – act big!  Take bigger risks and trust your heart to lead you to the most beneficial opportunities to show what you can do.

With every giant step forward you take, your confidence and self-mastery will grow in proportion.

3) Let your success show in the person you become, rather than your accomplishments.  Rather than trying to impress others with what you can do (and have done) – let your character and demeanor convey your power in every interaction with others.  You’ll find that people usually care less about what you’ve done than who you are.

A truly successful person never has to say a word about their accomplishments, because it’s written all over them.

The greatest thing about this inner journey to success is that it automatically causes the floodgates of prosperity to open and shower you with other benefits, like money and prestige.  Of course, by then they’re just a nice bonus to the greatest benefit of success – who you’ve become along the way.

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