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One Sure Path to Success

By: Ken Austin

Have you often wondered if you’re missing the obvious when it comes to being successful?  If you’re still trying to achieve the level of success you desire (and most people are), ask yourself if you have been leaving out one vital ingredient:  doing something you truly love.

Success can come from nearly anything you do, of course.  If you have a solid plan and work consistently to see it through, you’re bound to enjoy some lucrative results.  However, the likelihood of sticking to your plans increases by a lot if you’re actually enjoying the journey.

There are many benefits to doing something you love versus something that doesn’t inspire you, but here are a few big ones:

1) First, you’ll automatically give it a stronger level of effort and focus than you would with something that’s unpleasant or tiresome.  You’ll avoid the temptation to procrastinate because you’ll actually look forward to working on it.  In fact, you’ll be having so much fun with it that it won’t feel like “work” at all!

2) Rather than expecting to see big results from your efforts right away, you’ll see the value in letting the process unfold in its own time.  With most goals, you’re focused only on getting it done, reaching the finish line before you experience a sense of satisfaction.  When you’re doing something you love, the payoff at the end is just a nice bonus – the true reward comes from each moment you spend working on your labor of love!

3) You’ll have more fun in the process.  Have you ever achieved something that was extremely difficult and strenuous?  By the time you reached the finish line you were probably too tired and relieved that it was over  to fully enjoy the sense of accomplishment you would have felt otherwise.  With something you truly love, you’ll have fun the whole way through, and get a much bigger “high” when you finally do achieve it.

Not everyone believes this is so important.  History is filled with people who saw an opportunity to be successful at a specific venture, and they put their best effort into it and succeeded – even if they didn’t really “love” what they were doing. 

However, those people had something else that’s necessary:  commitment and determination to see it through.  If you’re disciplined and have strong willpower, you can make anything happen, whether you love it or not.

But most people will need a little something extra to keep them motivated and determined, and doing something you love just might be enough to provide the fuel you need.  Follow your heart and it will lead you to your greatest success ever!

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