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Habits of The Highly Successful

By: Ken Austin

Success is a habit for some. Why? Because many have mastered the habits of the highly successful. These habits are commonsensical and easy to implement into one’s life. Want to learn about the habits of the highly successful? Read on…

  Success is intricately bound up with behavior. We each and every one reap the benefits (or the contrary) of our behaviors. Certain behaviors will take us far in life and others will hold us back—simple law of the universe. With this in mind, one desirous of success should seek to make habitual in his or her life those behaviors which are most conducive to and prerequisite for success.

The Habit of Organization. A life free from clutter is a life more conducive to success. Organize all around you (your home, your office, your car, etc.) and you will find yourself calmer, less agitated, and more prone to take action. Clutter interferes with productivity and takes focus, energy, as well as time from us that we could otherwise be utilizing for progress toward our goals.

The Habit of Prioritization. Face it; we are all seemingly busier today than we ever have been in the past. We have countless things competing for our attention. There is our family, our friends, our jobs, and so on. One must separate out that which we wish to accomplish and need to accomplish in each arena and prioritize in order of importance. Otherwise, the mundane and secondary things will divert us off path and perhaps place us even further behind than we were to start with.

The Habit of Taking Action. Once you have organized your life and environment and have subsequently prioritized your goals, you are then in a position to take action (though not prior to this). If there is one habit that highly successful people share it is that of action taking. Procrastination itself is an action that one chooses to take…why not use your choice more wisely and put your energy and efforts into a more positive course of action? Taking action is like taking steps. You do so one at a time but before you know it you’ve walked a hundred miles!

The Habit of Pursuing Victory. The successful pay no mind to failure, victory is always the goal and they will do anything to attain it. One must want to win to in fact win. Develop the habit of pursuing victory and seeing failure as it really is—a speed bump or detour on the path to success perhaps, but not itself a dead end.

Success is not an elusive, ethereal entity that some simply luck up upon by serendipity. On the contrary, it is something concrete and there for the taking of all who pursue it. It will most readily be found when the above habits are in place. Implement them today in your life and achieve the success that you so desire.

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