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Are Your Goals Big Enough

By: Ken Austin

Are you struggling to stay motivated on your journey to success?  Have your goals lost some of the shine they had when you first set them?  If so, you might consider whether they are big enough to keep your interest.

You may have thought so at one time but if they’re not what you really want deep down inside, you’re probably trying to force yourself to settle for what you think you can get. 

There’s an easy solution to this problem:  Aim Higher!

Set a goal that’s so big and impressive that it gets your heart pumping and sweat popping out on your brow; a goal that seems almost impossible but would dramatically change your life if you were able to achieve it.

Does that get the fire burning in your heart and soul?

If so, take some time right now to clarify your new goal.  Write it out in detail and sketch out a plan of action to go for it.  List as many reasons as possible why you think you can accomplish this goal – and be specific!  Think of any past accomplishments and what it took to achieve them.  What kept you going?  How badly did you want it, and what were you willing to do to achieve it?

Don’t allow fear or hesitation to seep into your mind!

You may be interested to know that it’s very common for people to underestimate their capabilities.  You have a fixed perception of your limitations, and you’ve probably never thought much about raising the bar, right?  If you’re like most people, you’ll be nodding in agreement to that question.

The truth is, you could probably blow your limitations sky high with only a teensy bit of effort and focus.  This is especially true if you’re going after something that you want badly.

When you’ve chosen a larger goal and made it your mission to achieve it, you’ll have no shortage of motivation!  You’ll be challenged beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before, and you’ll revel in the opportunity to prove yourself.

With each step you take toward a successful outcome, your determination and confidence will grow and you’ll wonder why you ever held yourself back.

Even better, once you accomplish this new goal, you will have set a higher standard of excellence for yourself and you’ll go on to achieve even greater goals later.  You won’t be able to help it; you’ll be addicted to the thrill of victory!

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