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Self Improvement Tips

By: Ken Austin

So what is self improvement really all about? The following article includes some fascinating information about self improvement tips, info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Let’s face it, except for maybe Jackie Chan, we could all do with a little personal betterment.  For this reason, here are some self improvement tips that you may find helpful.

Are you comfortable with yourself. This means being accepting of who you are when simply by yourself, because as self improvement tips go, this may just be a biggie.  If you’re not comfortable by yourself, how do you quantify your discomfort? 

Are you one of those individuals who nag themselves constantly about “I wish I had’s” and “I should have’s”?  If so, it’s time to ease up on yourself.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t be self-critical, as this is also one of the golden self improvement tips.  However, if you’re so critical with yourself that you don’t get any sleep or any peace from the “chattering monkey” of your mind, it’s time to become kinder to yourself.

Next, are you contented with life in a social context? This doesn’t necessarily mean in a bustling room of socialites; I mean are you okay if there’s merely one other person in the room, for starters, at least.  This is especially true if that person is someone that you’re socially attracted to.  I’d say “get over it,” but it’s really not that simple, is it?  So as a recourse, consider signing up for a dating seminar.  Or if this is just too embarrassing a situation for you, sign up for a newsletter and get to know the basic ideas thereof. 

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading our self improvement tips to get the complete picture.

Self improvement tips would be nothing without bringing up the existence of newsletters, helpful CD’s, and seminars, and they are in an abundance of categories that will help you to improve your situation, no matter what you wish to better in your life.  Some of these include getting over shyness, losing weight, gaining weight (yes, this actually is a problem, especially for young men), and getting to know the opposite sex better and more confidently.

Do you feel undervalued amongst your friends or co-workers?  Consider the people that you feel up to par with the amount of respect that they get.  What about those who get more than their share of attention and respect?  What do the people in these two groups do to get such respect and attention? 

Watch how they walk, how they talk, how they hold their bodies, their chins, their eyes.  Do you notice how much eye contact they make with others?  How much they smile, or don’t smile?  What do they say exactly?  Are there any patterns to the things they do and say?  Studying these people, the so-called “winners” is one of the best self improvement tips that exist.  Do what these people do, because what they do works, and that’s key.

Read.  Read everything that you can get your hands on that you think will help.  If you can’t think of anything, start with Dale Carnegie.  He is the undisputed master of all time of self improvement tips.  There’s also Zig Ziegler, Deepak Chopra, and Anthony Robbins, to name but a few more.

Oh, just two more things.  Number one, don’t read so much that you go blind and pale up like Casper from lack of sunlight.  Get out into the day, experience life.  The last of my self improvement tips is this: practice what you learn.  Without practice, it’s like you’ve learned nothing at all, and you’re better than that.  Go out and succeed!

Hopefully the self improvement tips that we have noted above have contributed to your understanding and broadened your knowledge.

Share some of these self improvement tips with others. They'll thank you for it.

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