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Self Employment Or Self Improvement

By: Kevin Moore

Self employment and self improvement go hand in hand to some degree or another. It is fair to say (though not always true) that self employment could lead to a state of self improvement in the long term. Plenty of people hold the dream of working on there own account but for many it remains just that, a dream. With so much to worry about such as no job security it is little wonder that most budding business owners give up before they even get started.

Unfortunately for many others there is little choice in the matter. They make up the numbers of the ever growing masses that are pushed out of full time work due to company buy outs and sizedowns or whatever trendy label they give them these days. These are the people who have had the rudest of awakenings from their corporate slumber to realize that there are no jobs for life and no one is safe from the hatchet man.

For these guys its more a case of self employment or no employment. Having said that, many of them now swear its the best thing that ever happened to them because they discovered who they truly are. They have then gone on to travel the road of self improvement realizing that there is more to life than work and that you can have anything you want if you dream hard enough. They will tell you that they now spend more time with their families doing the things that are important to them.

Its a strange culture that we have evolved into since the industrial revolution where everyone seems to think that they are somehow entitled to a job. That employment is a God given right and that someone out there actually owes them a living. If there are no jobs it must be the governments fault or the powers to be. Yep that's it, it must be someone else's fault that they don't have a job so they will sit around and wait until whoever is in charge does something about it.

Then of course there is the other camp. They see the world in a completely different light altogether. To them the world is their work place. I am not just talking about high flying business executives here either but ordinary Joe's and Jane's with manual skills and talents that they sell to whoever needs them. These are the guys who make up the real ranks of the self employed. Their lives are a work in progress and self improvement is the bi product of their labours.

These people chose when they work and where they do it. They are the true masters of their own destinies and not only their lives but the lives of those around them are enriched by this style of living. They don't rely on a huge corporation to pay their check every month or jump when they tell them to. They take their vacation when it suits them and if they need time of to be with their families they don't have to scrape or grovel to some boss. These are the pioneers of this new frontier, the frontier of the self employed and self improved.

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