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What Qualifies to Your Total Self Confidence

By: Ken Austin

What makes us confident? Is it the way people perceive us or the ways we perceive ourselves to be?

Men are too preoccupied with thoughts of how other people see them when in fact nobody cares at all. Nobody cares if you wear your hair the way you want to. Nobody cares how well your bear yourself. Nobody cares if you choose a road that is different from those taken by others. Nobody cares. Not until you are too significant to be noticed or until you have already cross over-ed their paths.

If nobody cares then why the hell should we care? Why not let ourselves free from the dictates of the society. The major notions don't always suggest truths. There are times when a notion is only popular because the culture approves of its worth.

However, we must never comprise our individuality with what other people may say to us. Too often, we meet our destruction from the critical statements people put on us. If we are not careful enough, we might find ourselves believing in fabricated truths that don't say a shade of truth at all.

Easier said than done right? Yet it all these are true.

The totality of your self confidence is likely to border on how you perceive yourself, regardless of what other people might tell you. Nonetheless, our confidence is reinforced with the beliefs other people put on us or the encouragement they give us. But we must see to it that when things are hitting below the belt, we must put a stop on them. Some people will deliberately tell you of your failures out of malice without regard to who you truly are. So beware of subtle and obvious blows people might throw at you. They may be too warped at their own miseries that they find other people's achievements and failures as outlets of their distress.

Our capacities are limitless. We are by nature little gods so we are likely to perform things beyond our own reckoning. The thing though is that we tend to delimit ourselves by what we think is normal. If only we'll give a push to it then we can perform at its best.

If we would only think of how we can improve ourselves (and not think of ways to hamper our own growth) then the possibility that we will can achieve is high.

Take stock of yourself- of your talents, your skills, your own beauty reflected in your soul, in your being you. You are more than you think you are. Never hold back yourself from shining for you are a star at birth, let that star scatter its warmth and light.

Abraham Lincoln said- " You are just as happy as you want yourself to be". Say now to yourself- "I am just as confident as I want myself to be".

You have the reins and the control. People may either reinforce negative or positive inputs on you yet it will always be your choice to accept either side of the coin.

Your total self confidence is again, dependent on how you see yourself. It is the image of the value you give to your worth. It may be affected by the opinions other people have on you but in the end, it will be you who will give the judgement to yourself. And from your judgment comes the decision- will you accept your potentials or will you accept the plague of cold criticism?

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What Qualifies to Your Total Self Confidence

What makes us confident? Is it the way people perceive us or the ways we perceive ourselves to be? ...

By: Ken Austin

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