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Tips to Maintain Shaky Self Confidence

By: Ken Austin

Criticism is often the bane of our achievements. At first we try to repel them but when one spark of belief comes across us, we become weaker and weaker. This would continue until we become so immersed with the effects of the negative criticism others throw into us. Then comes our downfall.

We must then not allow criticisms to restrict us from our growth. Self confidence is rarely strong on our first phase of building it. But when it becomes concrete strong, no amount of criticism would be able to pull that belief down.

However, when the opposition is too strong, it is easier to give into the false ideas bugging you. it is true that we have flaws. It is true that we have our limitations. It is also true that we sometimes commit errors. But never let those errors, those limitations and those flaws distract you from your goal of building and thus, maintaining your self-esteem.

If you feel like you are becoming lesser confident about yourself, you may try following these tips and see how ell they would work on you. But remember that strength is found within, you must not be limited by what were given to you and what the world outside says against you.

Give yourself a break from sinking feeling. Sometimes we become so immersed with the negative inputs other people are trying to choke us with. And unconsciously, we begin to become indifferent and sink ourselves further into the damages of what the wold says against us. 

But then, sometimes it is not the criticism the society throws into us. Our sinking feeling (or depression and lack of motivation to be self confident) comes our own delimiting perception of things. We often deny ourselves of our own contentment by deliberately ignoring the fact that we are someone of great value.

This sinking feeling may also come from wrong self concept and misguided self awareness.

Learn to accept who you are and love it the way it must be loved- You only have one self to live with for your entire lifetime so the earlier your learn to accept things, the lighter the burden would be. Nobody can hate himself because he is flawed or because he is not like everybody else. Of course you are not! You are unique and you were created to live with that uniqueness. As for hating oneself, how can you hate someone who has done nothing but to help your realize who you actually are?

Thus, no one must ever compare himself to others. That way, you would not have to bother about the things that you lack. Instead, you would learn the value of the stocks you have.
Strengthen yourself and condition yourself to believe in the products of self confidence, even before you have attained full self confidence, you must be prepared in advance so you would know what would you be able to do with. This would not only keep you prepared but would also create avenues for you to maximize your self confidence. Be conscious though that you don't become overly confident unless you are prepared to get back to square one.

What we have discussed in her are only guidelines to which you may pattern your ideas with. They would not drive you to developing yourself confidence. The action comes from you which itself came from a drive within.

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