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5 Quick and Easy Techniques to Elevate Self Confidence

By: Chris Green

Are you looking to increase your levels of self confidence quickly and naturally? The following 5 confidence boosting tips will do the trick nicely.

Frequently remind yourself of all of the good things you have done. If you remind yourself of all the mistakes you've made, your confidence levels will remain grounded. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Reminding yourself of the good things you have done builds self-esteem. Why beat yourself up when you can praise yourself instead?

Refuse to accept second-class behavior. Set high standards, both for how you treat others and for how others treat you. Be confident and positive towards others, never be mean or negative towards others as this is self-destructive. Never accept meanness or negativity from others. Set and maintain high standards and confidence will flow.

Be mindful about how you assign meanings. Everybody makes mistakes and it's important to not react too emotionally. Avoid using terms like "this ALWAYS happens to me" or "I NEVER get anything right" as they're too intense. Instead, learn from your mistakes and use them to make progress. Ask "what went wrong and what can I learn from it" as there are always positive lessons from setbacks.

Mix with confident, positive people. Negative people erode confidence like rust upon metal. Who you spend your time with influences how you are. It can be hard to drop negative people but be strong and find a better quality of company. The more time you spend with confident people the more confident you'll become. Confidence breeds confidence.

Believe in yourself and believe that life is good and you will attract positive people and enjoy a better quality of life. Both will breed confidence. But if you have no self belief and you believe life is an ordeal to be got through somehow, you can guess what will happen in reality. Be a "positive magnet" instead.

Although these strategies are easy to do, don't think they won't deliver. Each of them will help you build self esteem and when you combine all of them, the benefits are amplified. Don't delay, make them work for you today!

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