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Self Confidence for a Woman

By: Ken Austin

What makes women confident?

One, an awesome make-up. Two, a perfect body. And three, a man to call her own.

You see, it all comes from external sources and those that would help enhance the attributes that are seen by most people. However, this does not negate the fact that women can use internal characteristics as foundations of their confidence.

When a woman feels that she's deprived from any of the above mentioned attributes, she is likely to have lower self confidence. The good thing though is that anybody can acquire confidence largely because this is not a thing that we were equipped with exclusively at birth. In fact, many of us may not developed self confidence during our childhood (which by the way is the foundation stage) but were able to lay their initial foundations during the later stages of life.

Yes, women who have developed their confidence later than usual might have must some good shots in life but the thing is, it is never too late to begin something.

Women have the natural nerves and tendencies to over analyze things, which in turn makes them more susceptible to anxiety and thought rumination than men. Thus, the must-be avoided self awareness that often defeats the concept of the self.

One of the many antidotes to these states is the ability to handle tension even when everything are out to be messy. If such things cause you to feel the butterflies in the stomach, you can counteract your emotions through thinking your achievements in the past and truly appreciating the experience and the emotions that you felt.

Remember that hormones interplay with self confidence. Eliciting moments of self contentment will cause you to create bodily reactions that are suitable for relaxing the body and in stimulating your willingness to pursue what was originally planned.

Self confidence roots down from the positive outlook women have in life. If you take life in its smooth handle and leave the worries and tensions on the disregarded sides, you are most likely to enjoy life and benefit from the advantages of self confidence. 

A bad hair day doesn't necessarily mean that today would be the worst day of your life. Most women tend to accept early defeat when the opportunities to enjoy the moments are obviously presenting themselves. Don't think that when a day doesn't start right, everything would go all pickled up.

Most women are likely to read hidden notes and body languages. These are often useful but when it starts to assume negatively and ponder deeply on the wrong causes, you might have your entire life ruined because of a single misguided assumption. So before the mind-torturing effects of what ifs, maybes and probablies eat out your thoughts, you can best develop a strong foundation for positive thinking first. Optimism will not only help your drive out the demons from these but may also serve as a good tool for redirecting your thoughts into self rewarding experiences.

Even the most confident women have their insecurities. But the difference between them and other women is that they are able to conquer their fears and continue to be hopeful that something good is about to happen. They may not necessarily be the most beautiful or most recognizable women in the room yet they bring out their own light to make themselves shine. Thus, it all root down from positive projection.

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