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Pump Up Your Self-Esteem - It's Easy

By: Don Westacott

The way you feel about yourself, your self-esteem, drives your thoughts. These thoughts transform into actions.

The actions that you take are the key factors in getting what you want out of life. If you are not achieving your goals, take some time and evaluate how you feel about yourself.

Achieving your goals takes repeated action and you can't give up too early. High self-esteem can give you the drive, determination, and personal power necessary to take these actions and be persistent until you achieve success.

However, if you are constantly critical of yourself, then these feelings will lower your self-esteem. If you have low self-esteem, then it will be more difficult to take the right actions to enable you to achieve your goals. This link between thoughts and actions is what keeps you from getting started or what causes you to give up.

So what can you do to conquer self-doubt and energize your actions? It all starts with positive thinking. Start by spending some time congratulating yourself for what you have already accomplished in life.

Everyone has had his or her share of winning. Make a list of these accomplishments and what actions you took to make them happen. Think about the obstacles that you overcame or what special actions you took to reach each goal. This is a great way to acknowledge your successes and give your self-confidence a boost. Your list will be the foundation that you build on for your future successes.

Remember that there is a link between thoughts and actions. It's time to take control of your thoughts. Whenever you start having doubts, take out your list and remind yourself of your successes.

Negative thoughts are the greatest dream killer known to man! Telling yourself "I can't" will lower your self-esteem, which will reduce the effectiveness of any actions that you take, and prevent you from achieving your goals. Your list is something that will reassure you whenever negative thinking tries to take over your mind.

Instead, of dwelling on "I can't" tell yourself "I can". Positive thoughts bring confidence, optimism, and focused action, which give you a much better chance of achieving your goals.

"I can" is a great way to plant seeds in your mind for positive thoughts. The resulting high self-esteem will provide the extra edge that you need to drive away your fears and eliminate any doubt that keeps you from accomplishing the things in life you want to achieve.

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About the Author:

Now in retirement he is writing a book on Selling for Salesmen/Saleswomen. Contact:,

With Over 40 years in sales and sales management in both Classified Advertising and Life Insurance Don Westacott has been successful in both. He specialises in mentoring trainee salespeople in ‘face to face’ selling and has spoken at International Sales Conferences and hundred of sales seminars throughout the U.K.

He is an author publisher of material for salespeople. Prior to his retirement Don was Managing Director of the UK's largest network of Independent Financial Advisors. He has 30 years membership of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table.

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