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Boundaries of Good to Bad Self Confidence and Self Esteem

By: Ken Austin

Everything that exceeds what is ideal is bad.

A sweeping generalization that premise might be but we would try to prove its idea by presenting evidences of how everything that lacks and over pours doesn't do us any good.

It is understandable why many of us perceive that the cure to low self esteem and self confidence is high self esteem. After all, more money can help us better than too less. And a banquet is more appealing when we lack food in the table.

But this doesn't work at all cases at all times. In fact, many of us might have noticed that once our requirement is exceeded by the supply, the overflow would do us more harm than good.

Think of self confidence and self esteem is a drug. We only need a specific amount or else our body would react negatively to its effects, in fact, overdosage may even aggravate the condition.

Of course, low self esteem and self confidence are terrible things. Viewing your self as a no-good, messed-up individual is a condition we must never immerse ourselves into. However, overly high self confidence and self esteem is a serious cross for you, an obstacle that does not only cause your damage but may also affect those people interacting with you as well.

Oftentimes, the deficiency or a supply beyond control is a handicap that most must learn to get over with unless, you would want to succumb to the other circles of the society or to endure ridicule in the core of the society. Either way, you will gain enemies or indifferent stares that would send your ruminating over thoughts that do not only destroy your mind but also your being.

Somehow, you would have to balance things out. You have to be conscious of how you interact with people. It is easy to fall into the traps of false confidence so avoid instances that would create environments where you can show off uncontrollably. For the low confident people however, it is never good for you to deprive yourself of your natural abilities to show the world who you are. But like with the overly confident people, you must be careful not to cross over the thin, gray line of over confidence.

Over confident people are those who have the strong urge to boast about themselves for personal satisfaction. We will entertain such people initially but in the long run, we would learn to get annoyed. If you can spot people in your community, workplace and other venues for social interaction who deliberately boast about themselves, be conscious that you analyze their actions and see how other people react on them. This way, you will know what to avoid and what to adopt.

Remember that those who already have found balance between good and bad confidence and self esteem are those who have a good mixture of humility and sense of self worth. They are those people who do not take advantage of relationships. They don't have the tendencies to develop the air of superiority and smugness. They are not blinded from their own mistakes and false beliefs and can easily accept their own mistakes.

In fact, these people need not strive hard to gain recognition. They easily shine out without even pushing things. The society recognizes them easily.

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