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Self Confidence Articles:

1: Five Days to Positive Inner Dialogue

In order to be self-confident, eventually you are going to have to silence the critics inside your mind. Sometimes they sound like mom or dad, sometimes like an old teacher or a respected friend. Y...

By: Ken Austin

2: Customer Service Self Confidence

Dealing with the public every day can be difficult, and nobody knows it better than those who work in the customer service industry.  With angry customers, demanding bosses and little respect,...

By: Ken Austin

3: Abuse Survival

You do not have to be hit to be a victim. Emotional abusers chip away at your self-esteem until, many times,

By: Ken Austin

4: 5 Quick and Easy Techniques to Elevate Self Confidence

Are you looking to increase your levels of self confidence quickly and naturally? The following 5 confidence boosting tips will do the trick nicely.

By: Chris Green

5: What Qualifies to Your Total Self Confidence

What makes us confident? Is it the way people perceive us or the ways we perceive ourselves to be?

By: Ken Austin

6: Self Confidence for a Woman

What makes women confident?One, an awesome make-up. Two, a perfect body. And three, a man to call her own.You see, it all comes from exte...

By: Ken Austin

7: Tips to Maintain Shaky Self Confidence

Criticism is often the bane of our achievements. At first we try to repel them but when one spark of belief comes across us, we become weaker and weaker. This would continue until we become so immerse...

By: Ken Austin

8: Self Confidence in Sports

An athlete's performance is the reflection of his state of self confidence. His self concept will manifest without him even knowing it. It shows in his bearing, in his blows, in the track.

By: Ken Austin

9: Boundaries of Good to Bad Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Everything that exceeds what is ideal is bad.A sweeping generalization that premise might be but we would try to prove its idea by presenting evidences of how everything that lacks and ...

By: Ken Austin

10: How the Inner Critic Affects Your Self Confidence

It is strange how many of us fail to listen to that tiny voice inside ourselves. There is no biological and scientific explanations to this ever present voice but you see, we all hear them. For som...

By: Ken Austin

Motivation Related Articles:

What Are Your Motives?

There is a motive behind everything we do, I believe that if we learn to identify our motives we can choose our own direction in life.  A motive is described as "a specific need or desire, such as hunger or achie...

By: Ken Austin

A Philosophy to Increase Your Self Confidence

Everyone takes pride with all the things that we posses. May it be the achievements that we had, or the present living that we were able to produce, each one of us has become an achiever on our own. ...

By: Ken Austin

Setting Life Goals

Everybody has little goals that are set and achieved on an everyday basis. At the start of the day, you might be thinking about making your date later in the night a success....

By: Ken Austin

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