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Words Can Paint a Thousand Pictures

By: Ken Austin

Take a deep breath and relax...  I want you to imagine you are an artist, sitting in a darkened attic with only a small window out of which you can see the occasional passing cloud.  With nothing but your paint-brush and canvass, you are able to paint the most beautiful landscapes to display in the world's greatest gallery.

Using language, not only is it possible to paint a picture in the mind of a reader... it is also possible to motivate yourself.

Whether you say you can't or you say you can, you are always right...  Firstly, nothing is impossible.  How many people said they can't run a mile in under four minutes before it was done for the first time?  Now, thousands of people are able to do so because they know it can be done and believe they can do it too.  It is easier to talk yourself out of a difficult task than to give it everything you've got and never give up.

What has this got to do with language?

Our thoughts often manifest themselves as an inner voice, this voice is often called the voice of reason.  When you find yourself faced with a dilemma, you usually call upon your inner voice to help you figure out a solution.  This is the same voice with which you count numbers in your head, read a book to yourself or weigh up decisions.

You are in control of the language used by your inner voice, the language has an influence on your actions. 

Take this example:

You wake up late and realise that you only have ten minutes to catch the bus.

In your mind you say "i'm never going to catch it."

That simple statement causes you to slow down your efforts and you don't catch the bus.

How powerful is the following statement?

"i'm going to get that bus, no matter what it takes."

I can bet you would put every effort into getting dressed, running around the house to finish getting ready and finally sprinting to the bus stop - usually to find you catch the bus and arrive at work on time.  This example explains how a simple phrase can affect the amount of effort put into any task. 

It is true to say that our beliefs are sacred, anything which challenges those beliefs is met with hostility.  If you believe you can, and somebody else says you can't - what's to stop you from proving them wrong?  To overcome a major obstacle may take immeasurable self belief, with constant positive affirmation you are able to face any task with increased motivation.

Next time you find yourself saying phrases like:

"I can't"
"It's going to be one of those days"
"It's not possible"

Try to remember that whatever you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE so:

"You CAN"
"It's going to be a great day"
"Anything is possible"

If you change your language you will inevitably change your life.

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