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Who Are You Today?

By: Ken Austin

Please answer the following questions honestly.

Are you being true to yourself?
Are you the person you can be?
Are you held back by doubt?
Are you worried about what other people might think?

We often view the world from behind a "shield," we feel most comfortable conforming to what is expected of us. 

It is a basic human need to "belong," it makes sense to do what is expected of us.  Most of us live in a diverse society, yet, people from all backgrounds still feel the need to 'fit in.'

What does it mean to fit in?

When we begin our lives we are impressionable.  From a young age, we are surrounded by people of authority, our parents.  Our parents teach us many of our values and teach us how to integrate into society. 

For most of us we then attend schools, colleges, clubs, universities and our workplace.  With each new 'micro-society' we are introduced to new rules and ways of life, we find it easier to fit in if we conform.  Within each of these 'micro-societies' we create a persona, the 'self' which we allow ourselves to be... we do this because it makes us feel comfortable.

Why do we create a persona?

We create a persona because we assume that in doing so we become the person that society wants us to be.  It makes us feel comfortable to hide certain aspects of our true selves because we feel that doing so will enable us to fit in.  We are influenced by our surroundings, friends, family, peers, colleagues and the media.  It often feels uncomfortable being different, or to go against the grain.

The main point which needs raising is; when you invite people into your life, you should welcome them with open arms.  It is only through getting to know the "real person" that you can make a decision whether to keep them in your life or not.  Many of us have been made unhappy at one time in our lives by a close friend who reveals their "true colours," we sometimes feel we no longer know them.

Hiding your true self can't be good for you either.  By repressing any part of your personality, you convince yourself that there is something wrong with you.  Each and every one of us is an individual and deserves the right to be who they are.  Nobody has the right to tell you who you should be.

Very few of us reach out and embrace our true selves every single day.  Many of us allow ourselves to become the person who we think we should be in order to conform.  There is absolutely no reason for anybody to hide their true selves, it may make you feel uneasy for a while. 

Break out of your comfort zone and do something about it - live the way you want to live and do what you've always wanted to do... shine like the star you always knew you could be.

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