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When Does Opportunity Knock

By: Ken Austin

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We see what we expect to see, often missing the obvious or unexpected.  It is only through a change in our perspective that we are able to see an opportunity when it is presented to us.  Opportunities are everywhere.

Have you ever run around your house looking for your keys while they are actually in your hand?  We ofen do things on auto-pilot, not realising we have done them, for example; picking up keys.  It is because your keys were not where you expected them to be that you had to look for them.

Try this:

Can you add one line to the following statement to make it correct.

10 10 11 = 10.50

It is common to view any problem through a certain perspective.  You are likely to be trying to work out the solution based on that perspective.

Here is a clue: Look at your watch.

With a simple change of perspective, the solution can become more clear.  The common assumption is that the problem is mathematical, and that it requires a mathematical solution.  The correct solution to the problem is...

10 TO 11 = 10.50

By simply adding a line at the top of 1 to change it to T, we see that ten to eleven is ten fifty.  This test clearly shows how our perspective can limit us.

Do you sit at home waiting by the door ready to open it when opportunity knocks?

If you do, I have some advice for you...

Opportunity is not a door to door salesman, it will not pester you until you finally give in and accept it's amazing one-time-only offer.  Opportunity might come knocking once in your lifetime, you might be out or you might not hear the door.  What then?

Why are YOU not out there kicking down the door of opportunity?

Seek out opportunity with an open mind.  Realise that opportunity is everywhere.  Instead of seeing an amazing idea and saying "I wish I'd have thought of that" agree that you missed out this time and be the first to find another opportunity.

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