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What's Stopping You?

By: Ken Austin

In this article we will discover one of the single biggest reason for failure to achieve your goals.  If you are no closer to your goal than you were when you set it, you may become frustrated and ultimately give up.  What started with a flurry of enthusiasm and energy has now become an impossible task.

The first step in solving a problem is to identify it, once you know what you are dealing with you are more likely to find a way to overcome it.

The main reason that any venture fails is FOCUS, or lack of it.

Distractions are a fact of life, there will always be something to compete for our time and attention.  It may be the television, shopping, another project, personal problems, money worries, friends or family.  Distractions are simply obstacles which need to be overcome in order to succeed.

I believe the best way to minimise distractions is to take control of your own time.  We often allow circumstances to dictate our lives.  If you take time out of your schedule and find a quiet place to focus on completing a task, you will be able to give it your full attention.

One mistake which is easily made, is to set yourself more than one task at a time.  If you commit to one task and complete it, you will then have the time to begin another.  If you begin one task and start another half way through, you will usually find that neither task will be completed.

If your goal was to write a best-selling book, you would need a lot of self-discipline in order to write it.  You would need to spend countless hours researching, then even more time writing, editing and rewriting your book.  To write a book takes a lot of focus.  But, considering our libraries and bookstores are filled with books - it can be done.

If you have lost your way, or feel like you can't achieve your goal, think about the distractions which have been hampering your progress.  Spend some time away from these distractions and you will find that working towards achieving your goal becomes easier.  If you stay focused, you are infinitely more likely to succeed than if you don't.

Good luck.

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