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The Secrets of Change

By: Ken Austin

Change…it is inevitable. At times, we humans seek to avoid it at all costs because change takes us into the unknown making us uncomfortable—frightening us even. This is so in that we prefer stasis to change, we attempt to hold on to the world around us as it is because this is what we believe to be the source of our very comfort.

  Paradoxically, at other times we welcome change even to the point of seeking it out. Typically this is brought about misery—the misery of our own condition at the time. Perhaps we are in ill health, overweight, low on money, in a bad relationship, etc. We become so unhappy and dissatisfied with something in our lives that we cry out for change to come. It is at times like these, however, that change often does not seem to move as quickly as when it is not so welcomed into our lives.

Regardless, when change is sought it can be found. If you are serious about making changes in your life, then pay careful attention to the following “three secrets of change” to follow and you will soon see change pouring down upon you as a spring shower.

Think thoughts conducive to change. All of the world’s major religions have something to say about the power of thought over us. The Buddha taught that a man creates reality with his very mind. Christianity teaches that as a man thinks so shall he in fact be. This is obviously true. Granted, oftentimes people aren’t thinking thoughts conducive to success when they in fact, by shear luck (or good karma?) stumble upon it. However, the majority of time our thoughts dictate our outcomes.

If we think that we can accomplish something, whether it be a simple change of habit, a change of job, or the pursuit of perfect health, if we in fact think thoughts of possibility rather than failure, we are much more prone to succeed. Search your mind throughout the day and ensure that all of your thoughts are in accord with your goals—not mental hindrances. This takes some practice to be sure but the effort is well worth it. A positive mind is fertile ground for the seeds of accomplishment.

Take action. Another secret to positive change is that of taking action. Simply thinking thoughts conducive to success will not itself guarantee success. One must act upon his or her thoughts and desires, aggressively pursuing an outcome or goal. Ninety percent of the time individuals who set goals do not, in the end, follow through and attain their goals.

While it is often difficult to take that initial step towards the goal, which requires much motivation, it does in fact become easier with each progressive step towards the goal. It is imperative early on to act upon the attainment of the desired object as this sets the stage for success whereas procrastination hinders success and eventually quenches the fire of motivation.

Persevere. Persistence is key to any successful change in one’s life. Persistence can be defined, for our intents as purposes, as the continuance of action. In other words, one persists in taking steps toward the goal, no matter how insignificant the steps toward the goal may in fact be. The eyes are always set upon the target and every step is progress in that direction and there will be no deviation until the end result is acquired. Perseverance is life’s forward momentum.

So how does one achieve a desired change in one’s life? First, the mind must be a motor propelling the body forward with its positive energy—think thoughts conducive to change. Secondly, one must ever take action, never yielding to procrastination. What you put off today will be harder to do tomorrow. Finally, be persistent and continue on in action. A step, no matter how tiny, is still a step. Follow these three principles of change and you will reap the rewards and attain the success that you desire.

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