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The Mystery of Motivation

By: Kevin MacAskil

Where does motivation come from? It blesses us with its power to inspire us, but sometimes, fleeting as a summer’s breeze, we wonder where is has gone. We are motivated to do the things that get us through the day, without being aware of its influence. We eat when hungry, sleep when tired and slump in front of the TV when bored. Yes, we are motivated to do all these things, but this low-grade motivation undervalues the real power of the stimulus.

If we but turn the motivational dial to maximum, we have a catalyst that can change our lives. We may have failed to learn early on, through family patterns or our surrounding environment, the positive influence that a powerful motivation could have on our lives. Not enough of us have had the good fortune to have teachers or mentors who could instruct us how to guide the stimulus into constructive pathways.

We do get guidance though, from our peers, friends and the society in which we live. Unfortunately, the messages we get, stated directly or implied serve the agenda of others and as a consequence, become confusing and misleading. We discover quickly that living out someone else’s program leads to dissatisfaction and fails to motivate for any length of time.

Ultimately, we must be self-motivated. This is the only true path that will honor our unique individuality. A spark of passion must rise from our own values and purpose. Aldous Huxley described it as an "inward fire, a small precarious flame." His advice was to "tend and feed and fan" the flame, which would determine the kind of person we must become. Those who have accomplished great things have always used this method to fuel their extraordinary drive, to leave their indelible mark on the world.

When we remember these heroes of achievement, we see that their passions were worthy of their dedication. This enabled them to persevere and ultimately prevail. And as for those who fell by the wayside, and failed to win the prize? We can only conclude that their motivation was not strong enough to extract the necessary energy to keep the flame burning. Their motivation failed them, when it was most needed.

Let us go out then, with our inward fire burning brightly, motivated by a passion worthy of our goals. Especially at this time in our evolution, our world needs our contribution and awaits, breathlessly.

To your prosperity.

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Kevin MacAskill works at home in British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. This prompts him to reflect on life and the human condition. You may use this essay in an ethical manner, providing this resource box is included.

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