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What Is The Difference Between Success and Failure?

By: Ken Austin

When we set a goal and do not commit to it, we fail.  When our goals are not at the centre of our minds we become easily distracted and we allow them to escape us.  Life is unpredictable and distractions are inevitable, under these circumstances it is essential to commit to our goals fully otherwise we are destined never to achieve them.

Committing to a goal and seeing it through brings feelings of achievement and wellbeing.  When we succeed in the face of adversity we prove to ourselves that we are great.  Success is not left to fate, it is brought about by a combination of hard work, planning, dedication and focus.  Success is not measured in terms of money, success is measured in terms of achievement.

Do you want to be successful?  Achieve something.

Success feels amazing, we do not need to make huge achievements in order to feel good about them.  Small personal triumphs will make us feel good.  We can start by undertaking small tasks and allow each small achievement to accumulate into a major one. 

This process works backwards too, we can take our life ambition and divide it into smaller more achievable goals.  With each small success we step closer to our dream.

We all have goals and aspirations, what seperates the successful from the unsuccessful is that they hold themselves accountable for not achieving them.  It is my personal belief that everybody has the potential to succeed and that failing is a personal choice. 

Let me put it another way, it is only possible to fail if you have stopped trying.  Unless you have given up, you are still doing what you have set out to achieve, therefore you are still on the journey to success.

To your success and happiness.

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