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Self-Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself

By: Ken Austin

Self-motivation begins with a simple idea. Everything we create begins with an idea. The activity of our minds produces thoughts, but an idea can become a physical reality. Practically everything in your environment, right now, was once an idea, carried through to a successful conclusion.

From the computer you are using (and the software that makes it useful) to the clothes you wear and the seat you are sitting on: all the “things” surrounding you would never exist if someone didn’t have a thought that was developed into an idea. The motivation for taking that idea and making it a reality came from within a person just like you.

The only difference between that other person and you is how clearly and distinctly that person made that idea clear and distinct to other people. The will to produce a product, reach a goal or create value comes from self-motivation.

Self-motivation is more than just pushing yourself to complete a boring chore or lose 10 pounds of body fat. Self-motivation is the power that makes an idea become a physical reality or a way of thinking that never existed before.

Self-motivation is a simple, two step process:

1.    Get started
2.    Don’t stop

The challenge, for most people who desire that motivation, is step 2.

Those of us who never get started (the majority) have no real desire to be self-motivated. Therefore, self-motivation is never a problem – other people will supply the motivation, through the demands of our stomachs or some other physical need that requires an exchange of money or effort to EARN what we need.

The few of us who desire more than just following along with the rest of the crowd know that we must take action and be persistent in our actions. The problem is following through when the inevitable failures, disappointments, blockages and other negative occurrences prevent us from simply achieving our goals with no challenges along the way.

This is where the power of our emotions can carry us along to eventual victory. By developing a burning, passionate desire to make our idea a reality, we create the necessary “fire” to forge an unbreakable habit of persisting in our endeavor, no matter what obstacles confront us.

Once we know that NOTHING can resist a passionate devotion to reaching our goal, only death will stop us from achieving whatever we have conceived in our minds.


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