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Quick Tip to Keep Motivated

By: Matt Ryan

The largest hurdle many people stumble over in their journey to attain their goals, be it financial or personal or whatever, is they lose sight of the goal. Once the goal is no longer visible, it sets in a tone of negativity that leads to the thought that it's not attainable.

Keeping yourself motivated is the most important key to achieving success in whatever it may be you want to succeed in. Get started my identifying the exact goal or achievment you want to reach, be as specific about this as you can. It's much easier to stay focused on a black dot in the middle of a white wall than it is the entire wall.

After you've driven this topic down to as small a chunk as you can, write that small chunk on a piece of paper. You don't have to write down the process you are going to take to get there, just write down the most exact end result you can see. Take your time, you don't want to put pressure on yourself to get this done as it will possibly lead to frustration and put a negative light on your goal from the very start.

Now that you've recognized your goal and know the end result of the work you're doing to get there, take that piece of paper and put it somewhere you can access easily. I actually have a copy in my wallet, a copy I carry in my back pocket and one beside my bed.

At least once per day, take that paper out and read what you've written out loud. It works great to do this immediately upon waking up and directly prior to going to sleep for the night. By doing this, you're constantly putting in your mind the reason you're putting in the work you're putting in. You're keeping your goal fresh in your thoughts.

While you're reading this goal to yourself picture in your mind the completion of the goal. If you've written down that you want a million one-dollar bills, picture yourself sitting in a pile of beautifully green one-dollar bills. If you're goal is to go on a date with that special someone, picture in your mind the two of you dressed to the max and laughing with each other on that date.

When you picture the end result, you are embedding in you're mind that it is actually possible to achieve. You're implanting the joy and happiness that will come from whatever it is you have to do to get there. By keeping the goal and what it will accomplish fresh in your mind you'll create the positive attitude you need to remain focused and to keep motivated.

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