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Positive Motivational Affirmation

By: Ken Austin

Motivation "Gurus" cite Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as the key to success and motivation.  While positive mental attitude is the key, it is important to learn how to maintain it.

It is all well and good saying "stay positive," but how?

There is another type of PMA which will help you to stay positive: Positive Motivational Affirmation.

Cast your mind back to a time when you have heard somebody say, "well done, you did a good job there."  How did that make you feel?  It is this type of recognition which inspires us to do better and keeps us motivated.

We associate words with feelings, if we get recognition it makes us feel good.  We can emulate this feeling by giving ourselves positive motivational affirmations.

For example; You are on a long sponsored walk with three miles to go, your legs ache and you are out of breath.  Simply saying to yourself "You are doing well, look at how far you've come... keep going!" can work wonders.

We are very quick to judge ourselves for our errors, but we are not so quick to praise ourselves.  Every little bit of praise we get acts as a reward.  Rewards make us happy, they remind us that the effort we have put into a task is worthwhile.  How much harder do you work when you are happy?

Next time you do anything, why not praise yourself with positive mental affirmations such as:

Well done.
Good job.
This is worth all the effort.

Once you get into the habit of praising yourself, you will notice that you achieve more and it will be easier to remain positive.

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