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Motivation Killers

By: Ken Austin

Motivation is often hard to come by, especially for those things we know that we need to be doing but just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do (e.g., starting that diet we’ve talked about for years, joining the gym, saving more money, etc.)   Even worse, every once in a blue moon we are able to wrangle up the motivation needed to get started on our goal and then, the motivation dissipates seemingly no sooner than it emerged!

This is motivational sabotage and to follow we will take a closer look at some of the factors that contribute to this sabotage. So read on, take heed, and learn about these factors so that you can avoid them and overcome them if they raise their head up on your path to successful goal attainment.

Your goal isn’t realistic. We oftentimes desire many things and set goals for achieving or obtaining those things. We can be successful only when our goals are in fact attainable. One must carefully evaluate his or her desires prior to goal formation lest one set him or herself up for failure from the beginning by setting a goal that isn’t a current possibility. Be realistic in your goal setting.

Your goal isn’t a priority. Once you set a goal, if in you indeed desire to attain that goal then you need to prioritize your life such that each day progress is made toward the goal. If the goal one sets isn’t something important to him or her such that it can become a daily priority, then it isn’t a goal worthy of seeking and it likely won’t ever be realized in any case.

You don’t truly desire your goal. Oftentimes, we say that we “need” to do this or that we “need” to go that. For example, we sometimes know that we need to spend less money, get more sleep, eat a better diet, get in shape, etc. Though we know that we need to these things, we don’t truly want to have to do these things. We really just want the results. If you don’t want it—truly desire it, then you will not have it.

Fear of failure. We sometimes set ourselves up for failure from the beginning by the lack of confidence that we have in ourselves. We have failed before and we have serious doubts as to whether or not we can in fact attain our goals and turn our desires into reality. The fact of the matter is if one doubts himself, if one entertains thoughts of negativity, he or she is all the more likely to fail.

Don’t entertain ideas of failure. Failure is not an option. Neither is failure something to be feared, for it does not exist for there is no such thing as terminal failure—failure is nothing more than a temporary setback or detour on one’s path to success. If you truly desire that which you pursue, not even failure can stop you from attaining it!

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