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More Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated

By: Charles Williams

It can be a struggle to motivate yourself to achieve your goals therefore when the going gets the very toughest, enlist the help of a friend, family member or work colleague. For example when it comes time to study for a test, gather together one or more friends and do your studying as a group.

Not only will this make studying less tedious and more enjoyable but also one of your friends might bring some fresh ideas or insights to the study material that you had not even thought of before.

This is a form of motivation that is all about "sharing the misery" and it often works. Another example is when a person wants to lose weight and they find another person to walk or jog with them or to work out with them in the gym.

This is the buddy system and it an excellent motivator.

Sometimes there is no getting around the negative or most difficult parts of a task and you simply need to just dive right in and do it.

Avoidance does not always work so accept that there are unpleasant aspects of all long-term goals that must be dealt with, and then roll up your sleeves and get to it.

Once you have gotten the aspects of a goal that you do not like over with, you can concentrate on the aspects of the goal that you do like and are looking forward to doing.

Feeling competent about a task at hand is important and sometimes it is hard to find motivation within yourself if you feel that you do not know enough about the goal or are not skilled enough to move forward with it.

This is where training, education and plenty of research comes into play.

Motivate yourself as much as you can by making sure you have all the necessary information at your disposal as well as developing confidence in the skills you have.

Thinking outside the box can help you discover a more innovative, creative and industrious way to work towards attaining a goal.

Just because every success story reads one way does not mean that yours has to mirror others. Pave your own path, find your own way and do not give into naysayers who say it cannot be done.

Refuse to give into a defeatist way of thinking. On the other hand, you cannot proceed with your head in the clouds completely.

If you discover that the tried and true way of achieving a goal is the best way or indeed the only way then accept that, do not let it get you down and then move forward.

Even when you break a long-term goal down into smaller more, easily attainable short-term goals always keep what you are working towards in your mind.

Be aware that eventual success is one of the greatest motivators above everything else.

Believing in what you are doing and finding the strength and courage to press forward are in and of themselves excellent ways to motivate yourself to greater heights.

Two more important points to keep in mind when it comes to motivating yourself.

Firstly, the only obstacle in your path is you so make sure your mindset motivates you to work towards your goal and secondly, never let "who you are, stunt what you want to be." Believe in yourself and find the motivation from within, especially if you have no motivation from those around you.

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