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How To Become More Powerful

By: Ken Austin

If you want to become more powerful, you must first identify what type of "power" you want to achieve.

Who in your opinion is the most powerful person in the world?  If you asked a hundred people the same question you will find that the majority of people will not be named more than once.  Our definition of power is based on our own values and beliefs.

Power is defined as possession of the qualities (especially mental) required to do something or get something done.

This definition leaves a lot of scope for interpretation.  A person with money might be said to have power, so might a forceful person.  Many people believe that money is power and aspire to earn great wealth while not realising that money only brings "buying power," it is only the individual person who is able to get things done.  Money, or lack of it may have a powerful hold over some people but it is not the driving force.

Most powerful people have the following traits in common:

Knowledge - it is said that knowledge is power, we gain knowledge through experience and information.  The most powerful people do not necessarily need to acquire knowledge, but they must have access to it.  Many powerful people surround themselves with others who have acquired the knowledge they need.

Self-discipline - it can take a lot of hard work and persistence to become more powerful.  To gain power you may have to break out of bad habits and challenge some of your core beliefs, this is not always an easy task.

Motivation - simply aspiring to achieve power is not enough, it is important to take steps towards achieving it.  In order to stay motivated you must identify your reasons for wanting more power.  It is these 'motives' which will keep you focused on your goals.

If you strive to achieve power, just like any goal, it is essential to be specific.  Do you want to be more skillful?  Have more resources?  Become more charismatic?  The answer often lies with the people you see as powerful.  See if you can identify the traits you admire in other people, especially the ones you admire.  Most of the time, we admire these people BECAUSE of those traits and aspire to be like them.  It is these traits which make those people powerful.

It is then important to plan.  First of all, know yourself.  Identify your own strengths and weaknesses.  Identify the sources of your own power 'your strengths' and turn your weaknesses into strengths by addressing them. 

Power starts from within, when you address your weaknesses you will accomplish more.  Study the people you admire, what are their strengths and weaknesses?  What is it that the did to achieve their own power?  Autobiographies are a great way of learning from your heroes.  Learn what it takes to gain power and put those steps into action.

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