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How Teaching Others Will Inspire Greatness In You

By: Ken Austin

This article will explain how teaching others will ensure that you keep learning and improving.

Do you find that you work well under pressure?  If you just HAVE to get something done, does it always find a way of getting done?  If a deadline is looming do you manage to find fifth gear and put in the extra effort?

Most of us do.

When we are put under pressure, we feel uncomfortable... there are two options: FIGHT or FLIGHT.  In many circumstances, flight is not an option.  For example; in a work situation, when a report needs to be on the desk by midday - it isn't possible to run away, we must knuckle down and get it done.  When we are expecting visitors and the house needs cleaning, we get it done.

You can use your tendency to 'fight' under pressure to your advantage in order to learn and improve.  There is a way to introduce the same pressure into your own life in order to aid self-improvement.

Let's say you have wanted to learn to play the guitar for a few years, but you've always been putting it off.  Or you've reached a plateau and can't find the motivation to increase your playing skills.

Why not teach somebody else to play the guitar?

You might be thinking, "I would feel uncomfortable trying to teach somebody something if i'm not an expert."  That's the point.  By volunteering to teach somebody, you give yourself two options - fight or flight.  You either LEARN HOW, or don't bother.  If you truly want to improve your own skills in any field you should at least try.

You do not need to be an expert in order to teach, even if you are a complete beginner... all you have to do is be one step ahead of your student.  Whether you give lessons every day or once a week, by challenging yourself in this way you give yourself a motive for learning.  The chances are, you will want to be many steps ahead of your student - therefore, you will put in even more effort.

Teaching others is a reward in itself, when somebody looks to you for help or advice it feels good.  When your student learns something which you have taught them, you feel a sense of achievement which will inspire you to learn more.

As your skill and confidence grows you may want to consider taking on paying students, this is an excellent way to earn money from your hobbies.

This approach works, it will build your confidence and your competence.  If you have been putting off learning something new or need motivation to keep going, why not volunteer to teach somebody?  The gentle pressure will motivate you to achieve greatness and the rewards are limitless.

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