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Do You Need Extra Motivation?

By: Ken Austin

Here is a simple tip for anybody who needs a little extra motivation.  Put on your favourite CD and ROCK ON!!!

Music has a way of provoking emotions in all of us, whether we're listening to soppy love song or a powerful rock ballad - we cannot help but to feel something.  The best songwriters and producers are able to use this effect in their songs.  The best music is written as a means to escape, to take the listener on a journey.  When you listen to a great song, you are at the mercy of the writer.

Which song motivates you?

Think about "The Eye of the Tiger."  This powerful song is written about the struggle to win.  The Eye of the Tiger was used in the motion picture Rocky.  Most people who listen to the song think about the Rocky movies and how he is able to win through against all odds.

Many times, when you are feeling down, you can put on your motivation song and feel a thousand times better.  Whether you get up and dance around, or sing the words at the top of your voice, the feeling is unmistakeable.  It feels amazing.

Next time you need a boost, reach for the CD shelf and find your song... if you don't know what it is, think back to a time when you were happiest and most lively.  It could be the song which defines your favourite summer vacation, the song which was played at your wedding or the soundtrack from your favourite movie.  Everybody has a song which will instantly recharge their batteries.

What if you're in the middle of nowhere and you haven't got your CD player with you?

You will get the same results if you just think about your song.  You can sing the words in your head, jump, sing out loud, dance -  feel the music running through your veins.  It is your song, enjoy it and let it inspire you.

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