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Do You Lack Motivation?

By: Ken Austin

Do you find yourself burying your head under the pillow while your alarm clock cheerfully sings a happy tune?

Do you lack motivation after sliding an inquisitive foot out from under the covers only to find it is cold?


It is said that breakfast is the most important meal as it sets you up for the day ahead.  But, the frame of mind you wake up in is equally important. 

Your frame of mind dictates how you react to outside influences, how many times have you woken up in a bad mood only to have a bad day.  It may surprise you to know that you choose your own frame of mind.

If it is cold, great! You get to wrap up warm - in your favourite sweater.  Cosy.

If you think you've woken up too early, fantastic! There's more of this amazing day to enjoy.


Your frame of mind will invariably dictate the rest of your day.  How do you go about changing it?

The only thing to remember is "There are two sides to every coin."  For every negative there is always a positive, consciously seek out the good in every situation.  If you do this regularly your subconscious mind will automatically seek out the good in a situation. 

When you are happy, things seem to go your own way - and when they don't, you are able to shrug them off with a smile.

How much better would your life be if you "changed your mind"?  Well, it's your mind, you can do with it as you please.

The glass IS half full if you think it is.

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Ken Austin runs a website dedicated to motivation and self improvement. One of the subjects covered is Using Self Motivation Techniques To Keep Your Goals In Focus.

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