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Tips for Achieving Your Goals and Aspirations

By: Ken Austin

We all have goals and aspirations. Much to our chagrin though, our goals and aspirations require effort and often lots of it. As well, one typically does not achieve his or her goals over night. This takes time…often much time.

In the following, we will discuss eight different ways to obtain and retain motivation so that you can start on the path to achieving your goals today.

1) Set only one goal at a time. Oftentimes we sabotage our success because we spread ourselves too thin and broaden our focus instead of narrowing it, honing it in on one particular task at a time. Start with one goal and simplify this goal down to its bare essence such that the goal can be stated concretely in about 10 words or less. E.g., “I want to lose 10 lbs. in six weeks.”

2) Evaluate your desire and motivation. Do you truly desire that which you seek or do you merely want it for superficial reasons? If the object of your desire is not deeply rooted, then the likelihood of obtaining it falls dramatically. Make sure that you are pursuing your goal for the right reasons.

3) Find inspiration for accomplishing your goal. We humans often have more power at our disposal than we think. We have within ourselves the ability to accomplish great things. Many of us have accomplished things that were once deemed impossible even, overcoming great odds and adversity. Find someone who has overcome the problems that you yourself seek to overcome or who has met the goal that you are pursuing such that you can learn from them.

4) Make a public commitment to accomplishing your goal. It is a fact that once someone states their goal publicly they are in fact more likely to accomplish it. Tell a family member, friend, co-worker, someone—anyone, about your goal and how you intend to accomplish it. You can even post your goal online for the world to see.

5) Seek out support. People often share common desires and goals. Seek out a support group related to that which you seek to accomplish. This will give you the opportunity to learn from others as well as to help others just like yourself along the way to achieving a common goal. There are plenty of online support forums today.

6) Think thoughts conducive to success. Change is difficult, especially when one is attempting to achieve things foreign to their present situation. Difficulty can be a breeding ground for negative thinking and negative thoughts can undermine the attainment of one’s goal. It is imperative that you constantly monitor your thought processes and think positive thoughts of success and never for an instance allow for even the possibility of failure. Our minds structure our reality.

7) Keep a journal. Write down your goal and how you intend to accomplish it—exactly how you intend to accomplish it. Refer to it daily, reading over your goal and checking off that which you have already accomplished. It is also helpful to chronicle your struggles alongside your successes. Putting these things on paper service one twofold: by reinforcing the pursuit of the goal and by providing feedback on one’s progress.

8) Keep before you, at all times, the benefits of attaining your goal. You are pursuing your goal for a reason or a set of reasons…keep these in front of you at all times for motivation. Motivation will wax and wane and you need a focal point to fall back on in times of struggle.

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