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A New Smile All Year Long

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(ARA) – Everyday millions of Americans make resolutions for personal improvement they intend to keep. But why is it so difficult to stick to them? With a little help from internationally recognized life coach and renowned author, Laura Berman Fortgang, your resolutions can become a reality, and give you a reason to smile all year long.

Start by setting a goal,” says Laura. “Focus on how you can make your goal a reality, and do small things to keep you motivated toward accomplishing it. Though it’s great to aim high and be optimistic, it’s also important to be realistic, and choose resolutions that can gradually build up to something positive that will follow you throughout life,” she says. Here, some tips to help keep you motivated all year long:

* Make some simple changes to your appearance to make you feel better, and boost your confidence. Try a new hairstyle, or brighten your smile with a product like Crest Whitestrips. You will smile more and have an added boost of confidence, which will keep you positive towards reaching your bigger goals.

* Take consistent action. By committing to one thing a day, no matter how small, you will be put in a more upbeat mindset. Play your favorite song every morning to help start your day off on the right foot.

* Do something for someone else, or volunteer at a local charity. “You’ll be surprised how good helping others will make you feel, and motivate you to do good in your own life,” says Laura.

* Living a healthy lifestyle should be top of mind all year. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink more water. Getting exercise is also important but avoid the crowded gym and try a new sport or activity that will hold your interest like bicycling or training for a 5K run.

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