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51: Seven Top Motivation Lessons

1 - The mind affects the body, and vice-versaThe condition of our bodies will generally affect our motivation, our motivation will have an effect on...

By: Ken Austin

52: Do You Really Want To Succeed

When is "good enough" not GOOD ENOUGH?  When there is something better.  If you have fallen into this trap you'd better get out quickly.

By: Ken Austin

53: Knowledge Is Useless

There is a common misconception in our society that "knowledge is power". This statement is utterly and completely false! In fact, quite the opposite is true. Knowledge is useless. Your coll...

By: Aaron Potts

54: Acclaimed Leadership Coach Challenges Men to Have Their Best...

Unfortunately, manhood does not come with an owner's manual. Author Tom Massey PhD. offers ten powerful principles for men to consider as they naviga...

By: PRWeb

55: Creating Inspired and Inspiring Lives: It's Spiritual, It's ...

Participation in this event will result in women who: Project more confidence both personally and professionally; Execute positive actions to achieve...

By: PRWeb

56: If You Only Had One Wish

If you were granted one wish, right NOW, what would you wish for?  Take a moment to think about that question.  Of all the things you dream of achieving, which is the most important thing fo...

By: Ken Austin

57: It Is Never Too Late To Make a Change

When we are younger we rarely think about our own mortality, as we reach the evening of our lives we tend to look back on what we have achieved. 

By: Ken Austin

58: Rewarding Yourself For Achievements

A quick search on the internet brings up the following definitions of the word reward:Payment made in return for a service rendered An act performed to strengthen approved behavior

By: Ken Austin

59: Quick Tip to Keep Motivated

The largest hurdle many people stumble over in their journey to attain their goals, be it financial or personal or whatever, is they lose sight of the goal. Once the goal is no longer visible, it s...

By: Matt Ryan

60: Do You Lack Motivation?

Do you find yourself burying your head under the pillow while your alarm clock cheerfully sings a happy tune? Do you lack motivation after sliding an inquisitive foot out from under the co...

By: Ken Austin

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Time Management Tips - Resisting Online Temptations

If you are new to working at home online, one of the hardest things you have to do will be to learn effective time management. Time is too precious to be wasted, so it is essential to remain focussed on the task you set o...

By: Elaine Currie

Tips on Overcoming Your Lack of Self Confidence

Self confidence is one thing that most people think other people have except for themselves. All of us were endowed with special attributes though we rarely recognize these gifts. We...

By: Ken Austin

Setting Life Goals

Everybody has little goals that are set and achieved on an everyday basis. At the start of the day, you might be thinking about making your date later in the night a success....

By: Ken Austin

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