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1: Being Motivated to Build Your Business

An entrepreneur takes a path that few others care to even consider. Self-employment means taking risks and creating value based upon an idea or vision. That vision, and how clearly it is focused, d...

By: Ken Austin

2: What Motivates Us to Lose Weight

In the Western world, obesity is a “growing” problem. Excess fat and the burden it places on our bodies and health has become an actual crisis.

By: Ken Austin

3: How to Motivate Your Team

The challenge of motivating a team is in direct proportion to how much the team is being forced to act by leaders, rather than being given autonomy and power to direct its own actions. ...

By: Ken Austin

4: How to Motivate Students from Day One

Student apathy and lack of motivation can often be traced to a lack of effective teaching strategies. If a teacher simply tries to attack a lack of motivation directly, the apathetic students will ...

By: Ken Austin

5: Self-Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation begins with a simple idea. Everything we create begins with an idea. The activity of our minds produces thoughts, but an idea can become a ph...

By: Ken Austin

6: Defining Motivation and Powerful Methods of Motivating Yours...

No matter whether you want to motivate others or yourself, the same challenge must be met: getting from inaction to positive action. Even negative action is a better starting point than lack of act...

By: Ken Austin

7: Intrinsic Motivation: Motivated from Within

All motivation is self-motivation. Even though there are many methods that leaders use to increase the motivation of followers, the most successful motivators enable the ability to discover and use...

By: Ken Austin

8: Human Motivation: What Motivates People

Pain and pleasure are the two main motivators of human behavior: avoiding or eliminating pain and obtaining or increasing pleasure. ...

By: Ken Austin

9: Extrinsic Motivation: Motivation from Outside the Self

Extrinsic motivation is very nearly a contradiction in terms. All motivation is self-motivation. Nevertheless, external forces can motivate people to perform work.

By: Ken Austin

10: Motivating Your Employees Without Using Bribery or Fear

Employee motivation is an age-old challenge for business owners. Most employers simply do what most other employers have done.

By: Ken Austin

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Successful People Follow a Plan of Action

Tick, tick, tick, tick.... that's another 4 seconds out of the 86,400 seconds available to you each and every day.  Assuming you sleep for 8 hours, you are left with 57,600 seconds per day.  What are you going to do...

By: Ken Austin

Self Confidence for a Woman

What makes women confident?One, an awesome make-up. Two, a perfect body. And three, a man to call her own.You see, it all comes from external sources and those th...

By: Ken Austin

Do You Lack Motivation?

Do you find yourself burying your head under the pillow while your alarm clock cheerfully sings a happy tune? Do you lack motivation after sliding an inquisitive foot out from under the covers only to find it is c...

By: Ken Austin

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