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1: Leadership: Books: Rudolph W. Giuliani,Ken Kurson Leadership: Books: Rudolph W. Giuliani,Ken Kurson by Rudolph W. Giuliani,Ken Kurson ... and then as mayor. The leadership principles he champions preparation, accountability ... courage and controlled emotion. In LEADERSHIP, Giuliani demonstrates through vivid, practical ...

2: | Church Leaders & Leadership Training
Leadership's award-winning and relevent editorial provides timely insights on critical issues facing today's pastors and church leaders.

3: Leadership - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leadership. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that this article be split into multiple articles accessible from a disambiguation page. ( Discuss) Look up Leadership in. Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... House defines "leadership" organizationally and narrowly as "the ability of an individual to influence ... the discussions on group leadership and ad hoc leadership below. One can ...

... discusses how the Internet is changing business and how Leadership makes the difference in the Internet economy ...

5: Leadership
Leadership. Critical Issues in Leadership. Supporting Materials. Additional Resources. Internet Links ... Leadership. Critical Issues in Leadership. Technology Leadership: Enhancing Positive Educational Change ...

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Do You Really Want To Succeed

When is "good enough" not GOOD ENOUGH?  When there is something better.  If you have fallen into this trap you'd better get out quickly....

By: Ken Austin

Creating Inspired and Inspiring Lives: It's Spiritual, It's Scientific, and It's Extraordinary

Participation in this event will result in women who: Project more confidence both personally and professionally; Execute positive actions to achieve personal and professiona...

By: PRWeb

Inspiration For The Soul

Birds of a feather flock together.   Look around at the people you mix with - what does this say about you?Ask yourself:How many of my friends/associates inspire me?How many of my frien...

By: Ken Austin

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