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What Value Do You Place On Your Goals?

By: Ken Austin

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."
Andre Gide

The journey to success may take days, weeks, months, years or even a whole lifetime of effort depending on your goals.  Are you truly committed to your goals?  How do you handle failure?  Can you keep getting up every time you are knocked down?

It is impossible to know when your dreams will become a reality, but you can be sure they will not come true when you stop striving to achieve them.  If you give up on your most burning desires you risk a lifetime of regret.  Would you rather look back on your life in say, 20 years time and be PROUD of yourself for all your achievements or would you rather REGRET giving up on them?

"Most people achieved their greatest success one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure."
Brian Tracy

If you are not truly committed to your own goals, how are you ever going to achieve them?  It is essential to live and breathe your dreams and aspirations in order to succeed.

How much value do you place on your own goals?

A good way to fully commit to achieving your goals is to spend at least five minutes each day visualising the benefits of achieving them.  By focusing on the benefits instead of the goals themselves you add value to them.  The more you value your goals, the more likely you are to strive to achieve them.  Why not start each day reaffirming the benefits of your goals?

If you dream of owning a bigger house, the benefits are; more space, a different neighbourhood (new friends/neighbours), a new beginning etc.

By shifting your focus from your goal to the benefits of achieving it, you are more likely to remain motivated even when your goal is not within reach.

To your success.

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