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Successful People Follow a Plan of Action

By: Ken Austin

Tick, tick, tick, tick.... that's another 4 seconds out of the 86,400 seconds available to you each and every day.  Assuming you sleep for 8 hours, you are left with 57,600 seconds per day.  What are you going to do with them?  Life is finite and we never know when our time will be up, what value do you place on yours?

The rich value their time like gold dust, the poor rarely value their time at all.  The choice lies with you, how will you spend your time - will you spend it wisely or will you squander it?

How much time have you wasted so far this year?  Many people spend hours each day watching TV, then claim to have no spare time to visit family or friends.  It is a good idea to think about how much time you waste each day, and how that time could be spent making your life better. 

Some people spend their spare time running part-time businesses, some learn new skills while others choose to enrich the lives of others by volunteering.  However you choose to spend your time, are you making the most of it?

If you are running a business in your spare time and want to increase your income, you must plan your time well.  Time is money, time wasted is money wasted.  Without a plan, much time is wasted wondering what to do next.  A good plan will ensure that your efforts are focused on specific tasks and that your time is used effectively.

The ultimate aim of any business person is to create multiple streams of passive income, revenue which is earned without spending any more time or effort.  To achieve this, you must spend time learning the skills neccessary to generate these revenue streams. 

If you could set up a small business which, after the initial set-up phase would earn you a sustained revenue for life with no extra effort, that would be worth it right?  This is how the rich get richer, they learn what it takes, plan meticulously, follow the plan to completion then they start again.  It is my belief that there is absolutely no difference between a rich person and a poor person other than money.

Start writing your plan now...

What is your goal?
What steps must you take achieve your goal?
What milestones must you reach on the way to achieving your goal?
What do you need to learn in order to achieve your goal?
What challenges might you face while following your plan?
What will you do to overcome them?

Successful people follow a plan of action, the most successful people plan for every eventuality.  A good plan is like a roadmap to success, follow it and you will find your way.  If you do not have a roadmap, or you choose not to follow it, you will lose your way and you will lose motivation.

It is YOUR goal, you do want to achieve it, don't you?

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