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Student Goal Setting

By: Ken Austin

So you think goal setting techniques are just for high-caliber individuals--athletes, business-people, academics and mature achievers in all fields?  Wrong!  There is also what we call student goal setting.

As a student, and even at a relatively young age, you already have a lot of things in your mind. For example, when you're in a fastfood chain or restaurant, while the waiter takes the orders of other customer, you may be confused from a dazzling array of foods at first, but still end up ordering for your favorite.  Young as you are, you have a clear idea of what you really wanted.  You knew it from the very beginning.  

Choices, a lot of it, are life common for many students. If you don't know where school to go to, or what course to take in college, you might end up not getting into school eventually. Whereas your schoolmates and friends have already graduated and have careers, YOU are still a nobody.

Even at young age, as a student, you ought to know what you want in your studies, career or personal life. Your goal will serve as a fallback or back up plan, in case you become confused along the way. 

As a student, you must have this clear-cut goal because your parents, family and friends won't be there always for you.  Goal Setting is being responsible. It also means taking control of your life and not letting others dictate what you have to do or become.     

Where to start if you don't know what you want

First, spend time thinking about.  Write down everything you think you are interested in doing like your passion (is it sports, mechanical, writing, etc.).

You can even start by having a particular for this semester in college, and your goals after finishing a university degree, or things you wanted to do after graduation.  Just keep on writing down everything that comes to your mind.

After you've done with the listing, sort it by preference in descending order starting with the most important for you. You an also classify them according to your interest. 

When your preferences and interests are narrowed down to a manageable number, this will already give you an idea on what to prioritize.  Under each goal, list the actions you must do to achieve your goal.  Then put timelines to it. 

Remember that to achieve your goal you must adhere to the timeline that you set and do not procrastinate. Don't put things off for another day.  In the end, it becomes a habit that is difficult to overcome.  

You should review your goals periodically, update it if necessary, and remind yourself self about the timeframes.  By doing these, progress can be achieved and point you to the direction you have chosen. 
When you achieved a particular goal, take time to reward yourself for a job well done; be it because you were able to submit your projects on time for a month or a semester or being the highest scorer in your basketball team. 

Next time, make your goals a little harder to add some thrill in your life.  When you met obstacles on your way while achieving your goal, appreciate them because they challenge your skills.

And when you're done with your goal setting as a student, it's time to set your lifetime goal.  This will sets he balance in all aspects of your even at a very young age.

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