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Some Tips to Help You Set Your Goals

By: Ken Austin

Goals are sometimes very simple and sometimes very complicated and hard to achieve.

Nobody would ever say attaining a goal would be easier than setting it. It is true. Achieving or realizing goals would prove to very hard and ardent than actually setting and formulating them.

That is why further focus and deliberation should be done when setting the goals. That is because the achievability and efficiency of a goal or goals are set and put to perspective during the planning and formulating stage.

There are a handful of goal setting tips that would certainly help you get done with the sensitive and ardent task of setting your goals, be it for the long term or even for the short-term.

Here are several of those useful guidelines.

►    When setting goals for yourself, consider and know yourself really well first. That is because you should take into consideration your various skill, ability, talent, capacity, competency and knowledge to achieve or execute your goals. If you run short of any of the mentioned concept, chances are realizing your goals would be as hard as you could never have imagined.

►    To observe clarity and organization, it would be helpful to write down your goal or goals in a piece of paper. In doing so, make sure to include the time frame or when you want the goal to be achieved or completed and what measures you can do to achieve or accomplish such goals. That way, it would be clear to you how and for how long your efforts in achieving such goals would be.

►    Make sure your goal is specific. To do so, specify or have a clear picture or idea what it is you really want to get done. If the goal is still too broad or general, simplify it further and further until you get to the specifics.

►    Make sure the goal is measurable. To make it so, make the goal easily comparable to several set of activities or to other simpler and achieved goals. By that, the progress and development of your efforts to achieve the goals would be measurable and comparable.

►    Of course, being realistic is part of the game. You would not set goals that are too impossible to achieve, right? Otherwise, it is not a goal you are setting but an impossible and impractical dream, which could only be achievable by mere chances and luck. Being realistic makes up for practical and logical goal setting.

►    Set time frames. If possible, deadlines should also be imposed. You know how your body does wonders when subjected to adrenaline rush. Sometimes, deadlines are helpful because they kick you to get going and make some things done. Of course, it would no always be helpful, but try it for once. You would be surprised how you are made more productive because of your motivation to beat deadlines.

►    Little failures should not be taken seriously. Instead they should be set as additional challenges and motivation to help you strive even harder. When you fail in a simple goal, make sure your life or long-term goals are not affected.

Overall, goal setting activities would never be complete if the subject would not exhibit and practice proper and appropriate focus. Focus would help you stick to the plan really well and be totally motivated and driven to achieve goals you have carefully and profoundly set.

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