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Goal Setting Activity

By: Greg Dempsey

Most people find the act of a goal setting activity almost impossible because they set goals that are way too large and become disheartened before they ever come close to reaching them. A goal setting activity that works is one that is broken down until it represents a single event. It is the progressive, sequential accumulation of single events that ensure the final desired end result.

For example, if your goal setting activity is to save $10,000 this year and you are paid fortnightly, you should have 26 single event goals, each written progressively to allow for changed circumstances.

Your goal setting activity should be what I call SMARTIES! SMARTIES is an acronym for the following:

SPECIFIC: Be absolutely specific when producing a goal setting activity and use the present tense.

MEASUREABLE: You need to be able to monitor your progress so you can measure your success.

ATTAINABLE: You also need to be able to conceive your goal to attain it.

REALALISTIC: Obviously goals need to be within the grounds of logic and circumstance.

TANGIBLE: Your goal needs to be something that is real or physical, that you can see and/or touch.

INSPIRATIONAL: If your goals don’t inspire you it’s unrealistic to expect that you’re going to be driven to achieve them.

EMOTIONAL: The more emotionally involved you become with your goal the quicker it will manifest into your life.

During your goal setting activity, as well as writing down your goals, I recommend you write down every possible benefit you will realize as a result of achieving your goal and its impact on all areas of your life.

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Author: Greg Dempsey – Investor/Marketer Title: Goal Setting Activity

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