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Goal Setting Articles:

11: Some Tips to Help You Set Your Goals

Goals are sometimes very simple and sometimes very complicated and hard to achieve.

By: Ken Austin

12: What Does Goal Setting Theory Mean?

In the 1950's, the study of goal setting theory was not a highly regarded pursuit. In fact, the whole array of motivation theory, the forerunner of goal setting the...

By: Ken Austin

13: Goal Setting Strategies

People always aspire and dream about things they want to own someday. There are different status and achievements people want to attain when they reach certain ages.

By: Ken Austin

14: Goal Setting Software to Organize Your Load With Just a Clic...

Tired of writing down your plans, schedules, or meetings for the day in your hand carry planner or organizer? How about all those post-its (different colors for different activities) in your bullet...

By: Ken Austin

15: Effectively Setting Goals for a Sports Team

Sports is a stringent discipline in itself. The athlete, or members of a team should exude not only physical discipline, but also a combination of mental and emotional stability.

By: Ken Austin

16: Teaching Your Teens to Set their Goals

Goals are clearly the targets of success. You, for sure, have your own goals, which may have already been achieved, are in the process of being achieved, or are still to be achieved.

By: Ken Austin

17: Goal Setting Articles to Help You Get Going

By: Ken Austin

18: Goal Setting and Time Management

There are practically two types of people on the workplace. The first type of corporate workers would be those who always find sufficient and ample time to easily do things that should be done.The ...

By: Ken Austin

19: What Value Do You Place On Your Goals?

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."Andre GideThe journey to success may take days, weeks, months, years ...

By: Ken Austin

20: Goal Setting Tips

Before you decide whether a single goal fits into your goals program, you should work that goal through a process that can help determine whether you should be pursuing this goal at the current tim...

By: Ken Austin

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Acclaimed Leadership Coach Challenges Men to Have Their Best Year Ever

Unfortunately, manhood does not come with an owner's manual. Author Tom Massey PhD. offers ten powerful principles for men to consider as they navigate through their journey ...

By: PRWeb

Advice to a Parent Who is Planning on Building Self Confidence in Her Child

For long, man has searched for the most perfect environment by which he must immerse children into. The main aim of which is to raise ideal children that are whole heartedly devoted to the purity of their being and in the ser...

By: Ken Austin

Self-Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation begins with a simple idea. Everything we create begins with an idea. The activity of our minds produces thoughts, but an idea can become a physical reality. Practical...

By: Ken Austin

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